You know that expression “high on life”? Big does. Another incredible artist out of Rio, Big takes a really cool minimalist approach to create masterpieces often inspired by nature. There’s never a whole lot of color involved, but that doesn’t seem to matter, his stuff comes out perfect. As well as being a talented artist, the dude can surf up a storm too. When asked why he thought it was cool to be involved with BucketFeet he answered, almost immediately, that the opportunity to have his art walking around the world was the coolest thing he could imagine. This is coming from someone who’s designed stuff for Nike and Converse as well.

Head on over to and get yourself a pair of these kicks – they’re perfect for Spring. Oh and they’re ridiculously comfortable too.

Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles, $65.



BucketFeet – Carioca Style (Full Version) from BucketFeet on Vimeo.